The Nightingale Fellowship

A 1-1 coaching and community support program for courageous women on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic response to nurture resilience, wellbeing, and full leadership potential.

The Nightingale Fellowship is a new COVID-response program created to nurture and build leadership capacity in women working in education, healthcare, housing, social services, and other direct practice professions impacted by the pandemic.

The pressures of the pandemic on thousands of direct practice professionals has created extreme stress and exhaustion. Due to this exposure, women serving on the frontlines have faced the highest rates of burnout and collective trauma.

These women are essential to the welfare and recovery of our global community, yet there are limited opportunities for them to focus on themselves and their long-term growth. This fellowship gives them that chance.

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What is the Nightingale Fellowship Program?

The Nightingale Fellowship is a four-month leadership development and resilience program that helps guide women to deeply connect with their values, prioritize their wellbeing, cultivate resiliency and explore their full potential.

The Nightingale Fellowship provides a safe, non-judgmental space for women leaders to process experiences and emotions, and supports women on the frontlines to:

  • Develop practices for stress management & self-care in crisis
  • Build resilience and capacity to think clearly under pressure
  • Strategize approaches to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Learn mindfulness and attention practices for emotional health
  • Process learning and growth opportunities from crisis
  • Design ways to manage caring for family while working on the front lines
  • Clarify values and deeper purpose for their work now
  • Envision long-term development and connect with purpose


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